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What kind of damage does an EF2 tornado do? An EF4? EF5?! 
Check out this informative video.

Where you live determines the risk that you, your home, and your family face from tornadoes or hurricanes. Review the map below, provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), that shows four distinct wind zones in the U.S., based on 40 years of collected data. As with any weather event or forcast, history does not always predict the future, and wind events such as tornadoes and hurricanes aren't limited to predicted areas on a map.

Wind Zones in the U.S.

What do predicted wind speeds mean and how will they impact your safety? 

Where do you take your family when the meteorologists advise you to take cover immediately?

EF1 - Winds of 86 to 110 mph cause severe roof damage to homes and businesses; mobile homes can be overturned and badly damaged; windows and exterior doors are blown out.

EF2 - Winds of 111 - 135 mph can tear the roofs off well constructed buildings, shift homes from their foundations, and uproot larget trees.  Debris clouds are very dangerous, frequently containing flying signs and sheet metal.

EF3 - Winds of 136 - 165 mph cause trees to be debarked, major damage to large buildings such as malls, hospital, and schools; heavy cars and SUVs can be lifted and thrown; upper stories of homes are destroyed.

EF4 - Winds of 166 - 200 mph cause devestating damage, completely destroying well-constructed homes.  Vehicles are picked up and thrown, creating missiles through the air.

EF5 - Winds over 200 mph level homes and large buildings, ripping them from their foundations; high-rise buildings experience major damage. The damage is incredible.

NOAA Hurricane Landfall Map
Landfall map provided by the National Oeanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Click the map for more information on hurricanes and safety preparedness.


The photo to the left shows the destruction left in Vilonia, Arkansas in April of 2014 after an EF4 tornado moved through the area.  Safe Shed owners Chester and Romaine McDaniel took shelter in their above-ground concrete storm shelter with five friends.  Even though their shelter was struck by a full-sized pickup truck and they lost many buildings and vehicles, they survived the storm!

Do You Need A Hurricane Shelter?

As the map to the right shows, hurricane force winds can travel many miles inland.  No mobile or manufactured home is safe from these devastating winds, even many miles away from the coast.  This map shows landfall of a Catagory 4 hurricane traveling 25 mph...wind speeds are sustained.


Zone 1 Red - >110kt (127mph)
Zone 2 Light Red - >95kt (109mph)
Zone 3 Dark Pink - >80kt (92mph)
Zone 4 Light Pink - >64kt (74mph)
Zone 5 Yellow - >50kt (58mph)
Zone 6 Blue - >34kt (39mph)

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