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Choose the size of unit that is right for you and your family or business.  Not sure about whether a unit can be placed where you want it?  Send us some photos or drawings with dimensions and we will do our best to assist you.




Safe Sheds, Inc. ONLY SELLS DIRECT, resulting in savings to you of 15-25% by eliminating the middleman mark-up.

Pricing -   (Prices include installation other than delivery)

Base price of the 8' x 10' unit - $4,785.00           That's less than 20 cents per pound of protection.

Base price of the 6' x 6' unit - $3,450.00

Optional items

Escape Opening (18" x 24") -         $200.00

Anchor systems - required on either unit to prevent the unit from sliding from it's original position - price includes installation by our staff

Poured concrete/rebar (set of 4)  $230.00

Pre-fab anchors for use with existing concrete pad  (set of 4 ) $75.00

Delivery charge -$2.00/ loaded mile from Salem, IL (one-way)

To order your unit call us at 1-888-556-1531 or visit our order form to request a price quote.

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We would be happy to complete a price quote for your specific location. Simply call us at 1-888-556-1531 or email us to let us know what size shelter you desire, your location and any optional items you want to include.

To obtain an accurate delivery cost we will need a physical address to calculate the mileage. Please provide a street number, street name, city, state and zip code in your email to allow us to map out the delivery route. Please also include a mailing address if different so we can forward a written contract to you for your signature to complete the process. Our email address is support@safesheds.com.

Our above ground storm shelters can be relocated to your new home if you move. Something you can't do with a below ground shelter.

Safe Sheds offer lasting value, versatility for storage of all kinds of things, easy and quick access in the event of a storm and are priced below the competition.

For more information on our shelter from the storm check out our

Grant and financial assistance info- 

Several states have some form of financial assistance available for home-owners to obtain storm shelters. Check with your state's Emergency Management Department or FEMA office to see if your purchase of a Safe Shed can qualify for any grant or low interest loan funds. The Rural Development Department of USDA has also offered a Rural Storm Shelter program in some areas with high incidences of tornado activity. Some programs require a pre-approval prior to your purchase. We have worked with many state and municipal offices to demonstrate that our product meets the FEMA publication 320 guidelines for a safe and stable storm shelter. Go to our links page for additional information.

Safe Sheds meet or exceed FEMA 320 specs, NSSA requirements and ICC/500 specifications


CONCRETE: Minimum 5000 psi (pounds per square inch), 28 day compressive strength.  Walls and roof using seamless monolithic pour.
WALLS and ROOF: 4 inches thick concrete reinforced with a cage of 1/2" rebar 12 inches on center, both vertical and horizontal.
FLOOR: 6 inch thick concrete with 1/2" and 3/4" rebar with rewire mesh.
8x10 UNIT: 3/16 steel door with eight (8) 3/16 steel stiffners on back side - 36" x 74", with 3 commerical grade hinges.
6x6 UNIT: Same as above 69" high. 
All doors have three (3) heavy steel latches opposite hinges.
DOOR OPENING: 37 inches x 73 inches. Wheelchair accessible

STEEL: Mild steel reinforcing bars with minimum 60,000 psi yield strength used in reinforcing cage on walls, roof and floor. 
SAFE SHED walls and ceilings: Designed and constructed to meet or exceed FEMA 320 Publication specifications for safe rooms.
FEMA Design Basis: Live loads used in design:
Wind pressure developed from 250 mph 3 second peak gust in accordance with ASCE-7-95.

EXTERIOR: Walls- Stucco applied directly to the concrete, then painted in customer's choice of color.
ROOF: 4" thick concrete, 3/12 pitch, painted.
PASSIVE VENTILATION per FEMA specifications.  Two 5" diameter vents in each end wall on 8'x10' unit; one 5" diameter vent in each side wall of 6'x6' unit.  All vents protected from debris by 3/16" steel cover with air filter fiber mesh.
SIZE: 8x10 unit - 8' W x 10' L x 8.5' H
WEIGHT: Approximately 24,000 Pounds
SIZE: 6x6 unit - 6' W x 6' L x 7' 6" H
WEIGHT: Approximately 11,000 Pounds
Both units are of MONOLITHIC construction having no seams or joints permitting the internal rebar to be continuous through all corners. NOTE:FEMA pub 320 for safe rooms specifies that the walls and ceiling be a minimum of 4" thick for poured concrete with 1/2" grade 60 rebar 12" on centers in both directions.
CAUTION: Some of our COMPETITORS products DO NOT meet FEMA 320 specifications.