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6' x 6' Exterior Dimension


  • Shelters up to 6 people
  • Interior head room of 6'4"
  • 11,000 lbs.


8' x 10' Exterior Dimension


  • Shelters up to 14 non-related people
  • Interior head room of 6'8"
  • 24,000 lbs.



Escape Opening (18" x 24"):  $200.00

Anchor System (required on each unit to prevent movement from the original installed position

  • Poured Concrete/Rebar (set of 4 - installed):  $230.00
  • Pre-fab Anchors for Use With Existing Concrete Pad (set of 4 - installed):  $75.00


Delivery:  $2.00 per loaded mile (one-way) from Salem, Illinois

To order your Safe Shed above-ground concrete safe room, call our sales team at 1-888-556-1531 or use our Order Form to request a Price Quote.

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Grants and Financial Assistance

Several states have some form of financial assistance available to help their residents purchase storm shelters.  Check with your state's Emergency Management Department or FEMA office to see if your Safe Sheds purchase can qualify for a grant or low interest loan financing. The Rural Development Department of USDA also offers funding through the Rural Storm Shelter program in areas with a high incidence of tornadic activity.  Some programs require PRE-APPROVAL to qualify for assistance.  We have worked with many state and municipal offices to demonstrate that our above-ground storm shelters meet the FEMA Pub. 320 guidelines for a safe room and storm shelter.  You can find additional information on the Links page.

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